Month: September 2018

Deadly Disks is a 2018 International Games SIG Classic Game Showcase Finalist!

Deadly Disks has placed in the top 10 for the 2018 International GamesSIG Classic Games Competition! We don’t know where in the top 10 we’re at, but we’ve been invited to present our game to the original Intellivision team this Saturday! Haven’t tried out Deadly Disks yet? Download it for free on Windows and Mac!

Player 1 nails their opponent with a deadly disk

Deadly Disks Now Available!

Deadly Disks is a “TRON: Deadly Discs” tribute created as an entry for IEEE GamesSig 2018 by Brandon Cluff and Hiromi Cota. Ghost Friends Entertainment, re-envisions Intellivision classic as a frenetic 4-player deathmatch, with discs flying almost as fast as the derezed pixels of your opponents! Adding a twist on the original, grabbing the Overclock […]